Easter Lilies

The star of the Easter season, the Easter lily or peace lily adorns homes, churches, and gardens to signal the arrival of spring.

With their majestic, trumpet-shaped flowers, an Easter lily plant symbolizes renewal, triumph, and joy. An Easter lily plant from Teleflora is a traditional, yet always modern way to commemorate the holiday. Send peace lilies to your loved ones today.

Send a gift of a peace lily this Easter

It may surprise some to learn that the tradition of sending peace lilies at Easter is relatively new. The flowers are native to Asia and were first imported to the United States in the late 19th century. Their large white flowers delighted Americans and Europeans so much that the peace lily quickly spread thoughout the world as the quintessential Easter flower.

Teleflora offers Easter lilies and other lily flowers in a variety of styles and bouquets perfect for your celebration. Shop our selection and youÔÇÖre sure to find a cheerful Easter lily to delight your loved one this year.
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