Green Sympathy Flowers

Green sympathy flowers in chartreuse and pale green – as well as the addition of foliage – signifies renewal and optimism. Soothing green tones represent the cycle of life.

Losing a loved one whether suddenly or after battling a medical condition is never easy. Not only will the family need to start making arrangements for the person's funeral or memorial service, but they'll also need to tell other relatives and friends about the recent passing, which can be difficult on its own. This can leave little time for them to actually grieve, though it's still important for you to send your regards.

Offer your condolences with green flowers

Upon hearing a friend lost a relative, it may be a nice gesture to call the person to offer your condolences and to let him or her know that you are there during his or her time of need. Just hearing your voice and your kind words may be enough to help your friend get through this difficult time. Another way to show your friend and his or her extended family that you are grieving the loss of their relative as well is to send a collection of flowers to their home.

Soothing green condolence bouquets are popular selections to send, flower bouquets can die off after a few weeks so you may opt to have a sympathy plant delivered, the family will remember your kind gesture for months or even years to come. The plant could even help signify the fact that life continues to go on even after a loss.

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